Thursday, January 27, 2011

Batam Weekend 23.1.2011

We again had an early day as I had to catch the 9.30am ferry out from Batam and had to be at the terminal at 9am. We headed for our hotel breakfast and our punctual Emmy was there to fetch us at 8.45pm. The ferry left Batam Center sharp at 9.30am and this time I decided to sit on the deck in order to snap some lovely pics of the blue sky and big ships as well as pics of planes taking off from Changi Airport and closer to home, pics of Pasir Gudang Port. The ferry reached the zon terminal at 12pm (Malaysian time) and once I reached my parents place was almost 1.30pm. Lazed around for a while as my brother was coming for tea with the children. They arrived close to 6pm and after tea the children manage to get me to play gun fighting with them. I left my parents place at almost 7.30pm and went home looking for my bed as I needed all the rest I cd get after having such and exhausting weekend. It was exhausting but enjoyable and I actually look forward to my next trip back to Batam again and dis time I shall bring a big empty bag just for shopping purposes!

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